Cristina tate

Architectural Designer

Cristina spent a majority of her childhood growing up in Nicaragua. She embraced the charm of Spanish Colonial Architecture at an early age and learned to appreciate the impact culture has on the style, structure and site of a building. Cristina realized that Architecture was extremely multifaceted and loved all the different components: especially the history of the buildings, elements of construction and the math involved. Once she began to travel to other parts of Southern and Central America, she realized that traveling was a true passion which fueled her appreciation and love for Architecture even more.

Since graduating from American University in Managua Nicaragua, Cristina honed her skills with a residential design firm and then as an Architect, building a network of clients who relied on her eye for detail and problem solving ability. Cristina became known in Nicaragua as a trustworthy and dedicated Architect, but her love of traveling compelled her to spend time in the United States. American Architecture was brand new, fun and exciting for her. She decided to move to Los Angeles, and has immersed herself into every aspect of the design process. With experience in Residential and Commercial Architecture, Cristina brings a wealth of technical knowledge to the team at Ballentine Architects Studio. Taking a leadership role at BAS, Cristina keeps a focus on the details and makes sure we execute all of our projects to the highest degree.