Skyler Gibson

Architectural Designer

Skyler Gibson is a LA native with a passion for design & the ocean. Growing up in such a unique landscape with a family in real estate, Skyler was exposed to high end architecture & design at an early age. Skyler's background holds a rare combination of experiences that allow for a diverse skill set. She has an AA in Interior Design and a BA in Communications with a focus on Media & Digital Art from Northeastern University. Skyler studied abroad in Rome during college and was able to learn from some of the top professors and experts in art history while immersing herself in the Roman culture. It is an experience that has stuck with her since & something she refers to often when creating new designs. She has since worked for designers & architects in Denver & Los Angeles who primarily focus on luxury residential & commercial design. Skyler's design aesthetic is funky & fresh and encompasses eclectic, bohemian & modern traditional styles. To Skyler, creating a save haven for her clients from the outside world is the most important aspect of every design, she believes everyone deserves their own private sanctuary.